Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Helen Rawlinson Lighting and Textile Design

When my huge box was delivered from the Chocolate Factory all eagerly awaited my opening it to see the treats that lay within. To their surprise the treat wasn't of a sugary sweet variety but was my three beautiful Helen Rawlinson lamps. That was nine years ago. So a few weeks ago when I knocked over my lamp in my kitchen and broke the shade, I did a quick search, got in touch with Helen and my new shade arrived a couple of days later. My kitchen feels like 'home' again.

The shades are hand screen printed and machine embroidered for 'added sparkle' and are available in a selection of patterns, colours and shapes. My other two lamps look perfect on my bedside tables.

As well as designing these gorgeous lamps, Helen has also started printing fabrics and creating bags, cushions and wallart. I particularly like this washbag.


  1. Your kitchen looks very nice with those lamps in it! Thanks for sharing this site,very nice. I can see why you like Helen rawlinson...

  2. Hi Lois,
    Just spotted this! Thanks so much and I'm glad you're still enjoying my dotty lamps!
    Best wishes



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