Friday, 8 January 2010

Iceland, Napkins and a Box of Matches

Recognisable by their detailed yoke and thick, coarse wool, Icelandic jumpers were knitted by my mum when I was growing up. Mine looked very nice with my red kilt and clogs but, if I remember correctly, it was too tight around my neck and hurt my ears while trying to pull it off over my head. Anyway, I love the beautiful earthy black and brown pattern around the neckline, so it was a lovely surprise to receive these napkins from my gorgeous friend Vala who lives in Reykjavik.

They are the creation of Icelandic artist Hekla Bjork Guomundsdottir. To see more of her beautiful designs and paintings have a look at her website heklaislandi. Traditional and whimsical, I especially love her images of sheep on the box of matches.

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