Thursday, 25 February 2010

Alyn Carlson

Sustainable Cloche

In her own unique way, Alyn Carlson best describes Alyn Carlson.

Alyn Carlson realizes ingenious thoughts in a range of media. She drinks Vo Vos, makes valentines from Marimekko scraps, herds chickens, and finds silver linings in places where most are too embarrassed to look. She is also an exquisite designer with a serious graphic design business and name cache up the yin yang.

From her amusing descriptions and gorgeous photos, to her quirky expressions and fetching hats, I am in awe!

Queen of the Compost

You will rule with this coronet loaded with cancelled
stamps and topped off with an asymmetrical magazine
tasseled envelope feather. Long live the Queen of Compost.

Please note; Materials will vary depending on what's in my neighbor's mailbox.


  1. I see what you mean about this lady, Lois and I agree!

  2. Her sense of humour is contagious--and those hats are delightful!



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