Monday, 8 February 2010

Andy Goldsworthy and The Striding Arches

Ok, despite dreaming of places afar and of a warmer climate, I have to admit there is nowhere more beautiful, more romantic, or wetter, than Dumfries and Galloway, the place where I am originally from and where my parents still live. And Andy Goldsworthy thinks so too. For 'although he travels all over the world to carry out commissions, the landscape around his home in Dumfriesshire remains at the heart of his work.' So on a recent visit to the area with my family we had a chance to go see his amazing Striding Arches.

Using local sandstone, Striding Arches is a series of self supporting arches standing on the surrounding hilltops at Cairnhead.

A combination of 'structure and shelter' The Byre was our starting point.

It was a 4km walk uphill to see the next arch on Colt Hill.

At this point we should have had terrific views of the surrounding area and according to Goldsworthy 'no matter which arch you find yourself at, you should be able to see the other two: the three arches are linked together by sightlines.' Unfortunately, with our heads in the clouds, literally, we could barely see the arch in front of us.

We had to abandon our expedition at this point due to weather conditions, our youngest child reminding us 'that this was a life threatening situation for an eight year old' and our lack of appropriate footwear, correct map and compass! But it was all worth it: the long uphill walk, the biting cold wind and the damp, grey cloud around our heads. We can't wait to go back, well my daughter, maybe not so much!

(Photos taken from the Striding Arches website)

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  1. Thank you for stopping by the other day. :)
    I love the simplicity and genius structure of those arches. And your pictures are gorgeous! I am so happy to have discovered your blog and beautifully made dresses and coats.
    You do have visbile influences from olden days and peasant dresses, I like that. And yet, they are modern and very up to date...Love the cuts!
    I posted today on another of your blue coats, it's so lovely!

    XX Victoria, from a very cold New York!



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