Monday, 15 February 2010

Inspirational Designers - Ossie Clark

I am a huge fan of Ossie Clark. I love the cut, the fabrics: his ability to accentuate the female body in a very feminine and incredibly sexy way.

A few years ago the Victoria & Albert Museum had an Ossie Clark exhibition. I didn't get to see it but they have some wonderful images and information on their website. I particularly like Your Ossie Clark Memories where people have posted their photographs and recollections of Ossie Clark and their dresses.

I, unfortunately, don't own an original Ossie Clark dress (always outbidded on ebay!) but I do have an Ossie inspired dress that I made for myself a few years ago to wear to a wedding.


  1. Thank you Lois, I never heard of Ossie Clark. Very nice indeed the section with the memories...Like your dress too and the hat is just extraordinairy!

  2. The hat is quite amazing. It was so big that I actually couldn't see where I was going so I had to hold up the front with a little button.



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