Thursday, 11 February 2010

Me and My Freitag Bag(s)

So a few days after my second Freitag arrived, bag number 3 was delivered. This was the very cute F11-Lassie. Smaller than my other two, I thought this would be the perfect bag for those 'lighter' days. However, with a toddler and at this point, another baby on the way, those lighter, carefree, no nappy carrying days seemed a long way off.

And then the very clever marketing people over at Freitag asked
show me yours
So I did...


  1. Not only the bag is nice, the dress you're wearing is too!

  2. Oh, thank you Marion. This is a prototype that I designed last summer, wore every day whilst on holiday in Italy and even have some gorgeous fabric to make some more. But I am just not completely happy with it. Perhaps it is time to rework the pattern in time for this summer! Have a lovely weekend!



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