Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Me and My Freitag Bag(s)

So, it was 2001 and the very clever marketing people over at Freitag asked
show me yours
With specific instructions that involved photographing yourself standing in front of your open fridge and photographing your bag on the floor in the corner of your room, my son and I took and submitted our photos.

This is a reenactment. The original was taken 9 years ago.

And then they took all these wonderful photos of us and our Freitag bags and put them in this book.

(image from Freitag website)

And then, of course, we all bought the book. I bought the green one!

Last Spring while visiting Pisa we stumbled upon a shop selling Freitag bags and there on the table was the book. The shop staff were very amused and quite excited when my son pointed himself out. So if you see the book, look for the very cute 3 year old boy with an olive between his teeth because that's my son.

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