Monday, 1 March 2010

Me and My Shoes (that I can't wear)

Loving these colourful, quirky clogs - 'great for summer!'

via The Latest Story

And dreaming of these 'go with everything' sandals along with TeenAngster.

And these...I want them!

Oh, I want them all...but I don't need them! I don't need them because I already have several other pairs of similar gorgeousness that when I first laid eyes on, I knew could raise me to the lofty heights of coolness. And they do, while standing still, posing for a photo! Actually walking in them is just out of the question.

No thought for comfort or mobility went into the decision to buy these works of art. Just pure utter lust.

These shoes are beautiful but to see me totter in them is neither attractive nor elegant. I have worn them twice: once out to a party - taxi there, taxi back. And the second time, also to a party, at home.

(Actually, on second glance, the Marni sandals are not that high and they are fabulous...)


  1. Oh, you make me so look forward to spring and summer! I would want some like that! The top one, please!

    :) Victoria



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