Thursday, 18 February 2010

New Ventures and a Visit from the BBC

The BBC were filming in our house on Tuesday afternoon and last night on BBC Scotland and on BBC News24 they aired the interview they had with my husband.

About 5 months ago my husband was made redundant. Not one to sit around for long and looking for change, he started a new venture, re-wire.

re-wire Mission Statement:

“to educate and empower young people and turn them into creators of technology rather than consumers”

With an interview already in Scotland on Sunday, an article for IOD magazine ready to be published and this latest interview on television presenting re-wire 'in a positive light', I am totally impressed and I now know what he was doing all those weeks locked in his office!

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  1. Pretty impressive all that exposure!
    I think it is a great idea of your husband the site looks very good. I bet all that filming took forever and when you see it on TV you think; what happened to the rest of the film?
    Have a good weekend Lois!

  2. Thanks Marion. It has been another hectic but exciting week so looking forward to a lazy weekend. Have a good weekend.



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