Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Founded in 1970, 10-gruppen was set up by ten swedish designers who joined together with a simple motto of 'put designers in control'. Thus, taking an active part in the whole production process from sketch to finished product, they were able to 'turn the designer/manufacturer relationship on its head'. Today, and celebrating 40 years of success, three of the original ten remain.

Archival images from 1970-2010 via Tiogruppen

Six years ago while on a visit to Stockholm I bought three of their purses in various black and white geometric patterns: one for myself and two as gifts for friends. Apart from the white not being white anymore (sort of grey now), my purse, despite being filled with loose change and tossed around in the bottom of my bag, has not fallen apart and still looks great.

...And some of their newest products and designs.

pincushions, napkins, ironing board cover (thought this may make ironing more enjoyable!?)


  1. Sure... ironing on a nice board is fun, wish it was... Amazing that the collective still excist, after all thoe years! Did you find them by accident? So sorry the hear the weather is still not too good in Scotland. Wish you a Happy Easter!

  2. I had never heard of them. We were visiting one of the islands which happened to have a beautiful little shop and they had few of 10-gruppen products. There is one shop in Edinburgh that I know of that stocks or used to stock some items. We had one day of sun and since then it has been stormy again and cold.



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