Friday, 19 March 2010

Caption Contest Results

The incredibly funny, smart people over at Unhappy Hipsters held a Caption contest last week. And right now they are posting some of the best ones in their Friday 'caption-a-thon'.

This was the photo that needed a caption.

and some of the recently listed captions that had me laughing.

Zen had come easily to him—sparse interior, shaved head, “rug-garden.” It was motorcycle maintenance he was having problems with.
-Sebastian Biot

He knew she would be happy that he had adhered to the “NO SHOES ON THE CARPET” policy. Finally, he was getting their relationship right.
-Brilliant Anonymous


  1. I read that book, too...and the caption is spot-on! I was lauging out loud...put me in a good mood!

  2. How fun! I was thinking along the lines: For this project a larger prayer mat was needed...

  3. Oh, very good!

    Still laughing!



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