Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Gorgeous Colours

I have experimented with many hair colours over the years but never this one. I love it!

I feel the need for a change!!


  1. I love it too! The craziest and best I ever looked (and baddest--'worst' in a good way, in good English) was a black Cleopatra wig. Oh...those were the days...

  2. I hope the two of you are kidding? I think the lady in the picture has a very bad hair day! The blond hair suits you very well Lois...

  3. Still laughing at 'Cleopatra wig' and 'very bad hair day'. I think you may have a point Dawn, 'those were the days' (emphasis on 'were') and thank you Marion, I guess I'll stick with blonde, for now!



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