Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Great Find and A Good Purchase

Marion over at The Latest Story not only designs and creates the most beautiful, elegant jewelry but, also with impeccable style and taste, has an incredible ability to find and write about everything that I would like and want!! One of these 'must haves' that Marion discovered and shared was the new Spring collection of the Swedish Hasbeens - clogs, but not for me, for my daughter.

After pondering the colours and styles of the clogs
needing new shoes that will do for school (black, closed toe versus open toe?), going out, be a bit like a sandal but a bit like a shoe (closed toe, strap), and just look really cool
my daughter chose the Baskemolla in black.


Thank you, Marion.


  1. They are indeed adorable, which reminded me immidiatly of similar clogs we used to wear in East Germany when I was a young girl and woman.
    A bit more along the lines of Dr Scholl's...
    Light wooden sole and red top, closed toe clogs. Oh I loved them with jeans and long flowery skirts.

  2. Mine were just like yours, Victoria, but I also had a strap at the back of mine to help hold them on. They were handmade by an old man who had a tiny shop at the bottom of Friars Vennel. And I used to wear mine with a red kilt and an icelandic jumper that my mum knitted...And I have to say, these Swedish Hasbeens clogs are just as beautiful.

  3. Love swedish clogs. Still remember as a child wearing nothing but, especially in the summer. The look with the tights, the blue coat, and the open weave clogs is very cute.

  4. Lois your more then welcome, I think it is great your daughter bought a pair of Hasbeens!
    Thank you so much for the kind words you wrote about my blog…

    Once upon a time a long time ago I worked in a hospital, so guess what… yes…me too used to wear Swedish clogs all the time!

    What absolutely gorgeous fabric the blue coat has!

  5. Oh, all these lovely memories of our clog wearing days. Just wish I could look as cute wearing a pair of clogs and grey tights that were so long they wrinkled around my ankles. And yes, I made this coat from the gorgeous Hebridean Tweed I found a few weeks ago. It is really beautiful fabric.



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