Thursday, 4 March 2010

Henry Moore and Glenkiln

Ok, the Tate Modern may be able to brag about its new exhibition of over 150 sculptures, carvings and drawings by Henry Moore but to me the most stunning place to view just four of Henry Moore's sculptures is at Glenkiln.

Collected and placed in an isolated, natural environment by a local landowner in the early 1950's, Henry Moore's sculptures can easily be reached by a short walk with spectacular views of the scenic glen.

This regal couple are Henry Moore's King and Queen. Their majestic spot overlooks the Glenkiln reservoir.

As well as Henry Moore's King and Queen, Standing Figure (which was mistaken for tractor parts when it was first delivered), Glenkiln Cross and his Two Piece Reclining Figure, the Glenkiln Statues also includes a figure of St John the Baptist by Rodin and Epstein's Visitation.

I love it here. I grew up in this area and I have made many visits to see these sculptures. It is a unique place and even more so now that Andy Goldsworthy's Striding Arches are just a few miles down the road.

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