Sunday, 28 March 2010

Inspirational Designers - Simonetta

Simonetta, The First Lady of Italian Fashion

From her aristocratic birth in Rome in 1922 to her imprisonments by Mussolini's government for her anti fascist feelings,

from her post war creative beginnings using dishtowels, gardening smocks and uniforms due to fabric shortages to dressing some of the best dressed celebrities and distinguished women in the world,

from her business acumen that led to New York and Paris and a marriage to her rival in Italian fashion, Fabiani, to her hippie commune days in San Francisco and eventual pilgrimage to India to set up a craft workshop to help a community of lepers...

I could write endlessly about Simonetta - La Prima Donna Della Moda Italiana (The First Lady of Italian Fashion).

As beautiful as any of her models, Simonetta also had a personal style that made her the muse to many photographers and artists such as Norman Parkinson and Leonor Fini.

For me, it is the simple cut, the dramatic silhouettes, the sculptural yet whimsical shapes that Simonetta created, that I adore.

The book which accompanied the Simonetta exhibition at the Galleria del Costume di Palazzo Pitti in 2008 has many beautiful photographs of Simonetta's work. I just wish I could share them here as there are very few images on the web.


  1. Now you've got me interested...I do love the styles of the past century--and everything today just seems like excess--funny how exciting the classics now seem!

  2. What a great post Lois! What an interesting lady... The sites of those photographers,in particolare Norman Parkinson are also pretty amazing. Too bad indeed there arn't more images on the web of her creations.



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