Thursday, 11 March 2010

Me and My Shoes (that I can't wear)

When you first put on a pair of these shoes, you'll feel at once how solid and comfortable they are - but you may have to adjust yourself by a little practice to the rolling tread of the rigid wooden sole. Experts tell us that the right way to do the 'Wooden Sole Walk' is this. From the moment the heel touches the ground, the shoe should be allowed to 'roll forward till the tip of the toe is reached'.

from Forties Fashion by Jonathan Walford
These were the words of encouragement from Good Housekeeping to English women when fashionable variations on the wooden soled shoe were offered in 1943.

2009 and the same advice should have been given when these beauties were purchased. Although not wooden, the one piece sole is still stiff and hard to move in quickly. However, as the supposed beauty of clogs suggested 'they add height, make legs appear taller, thinner, and daintier' I adorned them this sunny Sunday morning and found that if I walk really slow, have my son link arms with me and we bypass the cobbled streets (difficult manoeuvre as we live on a cobbled street), I can indeed walk tall.


  1. Sitting, they are indeed beautiful--and I think that if you have to stand at the bar or behind a counter or anywhere you can find support, then they are also striking! :-D

  2. 'Support', in my case, is vital to staying in the upright position and as you noticed, sitting down whilst wearing them helps too. Again, a great pair of shoes...for photos!



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