Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Nice Day Out

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful Saturday morning with my lovely friend Georgia.

After coffee, cardamom buns and lots of catchup chat at the Swedish Bakery and Coffee House, Peter's Yard, we headed over to Potterrow to browse the Affordable Vintage Fair. In contrast to the relaxed, calm start to our morning, the Fair was a very dark, busy, chaotic jumble of stuff and people. I'm sure there were lots of amazing finds to be had as I recognised two of Edinburgh's vintage clothes shop owners scouring the rails but I came away with nothing.

I envied the guy in the corner because he had managed to find a tiny spot of peace and light amongst the frenzy in which to peruse some vintage magazines and books.

Interesting fact: the Miss Selfridge logo shown on the 'Love Miss Selfridge' badge, was Georgia's friend's stepmum's handwriting!


  1. These are still some of my favorite things: Lovely chat with a good friend and browsing a Vintage Fair!
    Put it together and it's close to heaven...
    though it seems you were a bit frazzled by the crowd!

    Have a sunny week!

  2. Hi Victoria,

    I think I was just having such lovely a time chatting in the cafe with my friend that going to the Fair was like a rude interruption (we ended up back in another cafe afterwards) And yes, you are right, crowds do tend to make me frazzled!



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