Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What Are We Looking At?

According to the State of the Internet, there are 234 million websites - 126 million of them blogs - but it would seem that the types of sites that the 1.73 billion Internet users look at most are search and media/news sites.

It wasn't too surprising to find out that Facebook dominates the Social Networks Category

And if Target starts putting their Liberty of London goods online they may just get a few more 'eyeballs'!

More information can be found on the BBC website


  1. Just curious...
    Are you planning on going to Twitter?

  2. No, Marion not sure it is for me. As soon as my kids started to give me examples of how and what to 'tweet', I realised I had nothing to say and if I did it would take me too long to say it...and I would need a spell checker. Tumblr is my visual twitter.

  3. Yes.. those could be my thoughts about Twitter. It is getting very big though over here in Holland, even politicians consider it a serious medium. Have a very nice weekend Lois!



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