Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Art of Folding

Over the past week my daughter (mostly my daughter) and I have been learning to make origami dogs and penguins and then we (mostly me) have been stringing the folded creations together to make a window hanging for my daughter's bedroom.

And then yesterday, swissmiss told us about the Origami Club Site. With the aid of diagrams and animation we can now try to make an Asian racoon and sparrow

Add some fruit and vegetables

and, best of all, create this gorgeous coat and dress.

Let the folding frenzy begin!

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  1. These is so adorable... We love origami too there is a large Japanese community around here, the children are exposed to so many different cultures and both of my younger kids love to do origami. My daughter actually makes small origami cranes as earrings for her friends!
    Why don't you email me your address and we send some over to you and your daughter!




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