Thursday, 8 April 2010

Excuses and the Ideas of Others

Custom orders, children on school holiday and 5 hours roundtrip car journeys to visit my dad in hospital (all is well: he is home now) have meant that many new ideas that I have awaiting creation have been delayed. So, since I don't have any new pieces to show, I thought I would share some things other people have been creating.

Idealist is a website where designers and creators can publish their ideas, sketches, new products and get feedback.
Idealist wants to spread good ideas because there are a lot of ideas that often get lost in between notebook pages and those are good ideas that are worth [sharing] with other people.

A cd player where the cd is displayed as a table saw blade slicing through a piece of wood.

The Shower Belt is for those on the move a lot.
The possibility to freshen up in airport restrooms or public drinking fountains leave a lot to be desired since nothing can top a full body cleansing.
The Shower Belt provides this opportunity.
(The comments on this one are hilarious!)

Every hour Jack breaks through the door and the famous line 'Here's Johnny' plays followed by the scream of Shelley Duvall.

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