Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Fabulously Dressed Ladies of Kat Macleod

When I sketch an idea for a new design it is usually a very simple outline to help me figure out the construction of the piece. The details of how I think this piece will ultimately look or how I hope it will look are in my head and are constantly changing depending on the little surprises the fabric or my miscalculations! throw my way.

But if I could draw a lovely illustration of all the dresses I imagine...

I would want them to look like this!

A combination of illustration and collage, these beautifully dressed ladies are the creation of the very talented Melbourne based artist Kat Macleod.

With her own graphic design company, clients such as Vogue Entertaining and Travel and collaborations with Michi Girl and the best seller Like I Give A Frock,
Kat Macleod's collage ladies will inspire confusing feelings of wardrobe envy.
from Jacky Winter

Kat Macleod's Process from Jacky Winter on Vimeo.


  1. Totally entertaining, and I love her ideas! Thanks for the show!

  2. For me, the idea of drawing a lovely picture of a lady in a gorgeous dress without worrying how it stays up, how do the seams look and can you even move in it just appeals so much right now. Freedom to just imagine - not doing enough of that right now! Dawn, I will bore you one day with the many dresses I have designed, cut and draped on my dummy to then find that I can't take it off the dummy because I have forgotten to leave an opening. But the dresses look great in the photos.

  3. Ah...I see you are still having your designers block! Beautiful drawings are one thing... Well just let it rest for a while, be a few days you will see your ideas in a diffrent way! I did the same and worked in my vegetable garden instead...

  4. You are so right, Marion. Working in your vegetable garden is a much healthier distraction then mine: I've been baking!!



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