Friday, 16 April 2010

The Great Outdoors and Glasgow Interiors

Still on school holiday, my children and I have been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather we have been having (at last!) and have spent many days traipsing and climbing around the local countryside...

and a family day trip to Glasgow led us indoors. Firstly, to the Hunterian Museum and the reconstructed interior of The Mackintosh House,

and then on to Kember and Jones for some delicious lunch.

We have tried many times to eat at this lovely deli but its popularity, few seats, long queues and our hungry tummies have always sent us elsewhere. But on this day we were not disappointed.

After a walk, a browse through the many guitar and vintage shops, we ended up at Mono, a great vegetarian restaurant/music shop/music venue and pub.

As you can see from this photo that my son took, the interior decor of Mono is quite relaxed!

And, still enjoying this beautiful weather and the few days of school holiday left, we are just back from a few days of forest walking and pod living in the lovely Mabie Forest.

The very best of the outdoors and a novel indoor stay.


  1. Those accommodations are amazing-looking. Looks like you have had a really wonderful holiday and days!

  2. The pods are great. There are only three and we were the only ones staying so it was very peaceful. It is still just a wee bit too cold at night so freezing children led to sharing sleeping bags which led to no sleep - for me!

  3. Your post makes me envies! Wish I could visit all those places… it sounds great and interesting and a good mix of urban and nature. Your daughter has such wonderful long hair, Lois. Glad the weather finally warmed up for you. I hope you are not covered in volcanic ash now?

  4. The pods were not exactly the 'Wee House' but it was fun. No ash, yet, but it has certainly changed our weekend plans!! And apart from when she chopped off a huge section of her hair herself when she was five, my daughter's hair has never been cut and she refuses to have it cut. Have a good weekend!



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