Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Kaja Gjedebo Design

In a few weeks time it will be the Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show. It is a great event featuring work from the departments of Fashion, Performance Costume and Textiles and I have been very lucky to get a ticket to go see it for the past few years. So it was about this time last year, because I remember us discussing ECA and the Fashion Show 2009, that I first got in touch with Kaja Gjedebo to buy these amazing cufflinks.

With an old Russian stamp as the background and a personalised message chosen by my children, these silver and resin cufflinks are unique, wearable works of art that are a much admired and appreciated gift by one very 'cool daddy'.

Although Kaja was born in Norway, she has also lived in Sydney, Liverpool and Edinburgh where she studied at Edinburgh College of Art. Now back home, she lives and works from a 'row-house close to the forest, built for artists with an adjoined studio-space and all [her] neighbours are artists as well.'

Kaja has a wonderful website which allows you to customise your own cufflinks by choosing a background, text and other add on figures

screenshot of my creation!

and an Etsy shop where you can purchase her cufflinks and other beautiful Kaja Gjedebo Designs.

images from Kaja's Etsy shop

(Cufflinks are not just 'for him'. They look gorgeous used as fasteners on the front of one of my tops - but that's for another post!)


  1. These are fabulous, they remind me a bit of Avantgarde (DADA) from the 30's...
    With the typographic style. Cool!
    I had given my husband classic American Buffalo/Indian nickel(5 cent) cufflinks, made from the real money, once used. They are fun too.
    I like when guys wear stylish and personal jewelry!

    Will check out that website, she is very talented! Isn't it wonderful to have such lovely circumstances as an artist!!!

    And I can't wait to see the special top with the cufflink closure...

  2. Reading your posts it is amazing how much art and culturale stuff is going on in Edinburgh! I must make time to come over there soon... Thanks for sharing the jewelry site, she makes original things!

  3. Oh.. Lois is your husband safely home yet?



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