Sunday, 18 April 2010


A few months ago, Victoria over at Art House Design featured this beautiful sofa.

It was made by the Danish designer Finn Juhl who also created this wonderful chair which I posted on tumblr

and which was immediately reblogged by The Life and Times of Cunningham with the added comment
One of the best looking things I've seen in 2010
who had posted this

which made me think of Colorgirl's posts this week on the 'rainbow aesthetic'...and to bookshops, specifically the The Watermill Bookshop, Aberfeldy

and to enjoying lunch in its lovely cafe.


  1. Oh wonderful! I love your style posts, Lois! You show really gorgeous work on your blog--it's always a pleasure to come here!

  2. Good morning, this is so nice to find your makes me happy! Thank you for the mentioning!
    I adore that sofa! Just right for reading...or sitting pretty with a cup of tea!
    And I love the wall mounted coloured pencils. Fun!
    And I am happy to find more creative blog people to look at and get inspired by!
    By now you must know how much I love reading and discovering bookstores with an unusual or extensive selection...This one looks so charming! Plus the cafe.... OHHH!

    Scottland is so on my travel list!!!
    Your blog brings me much closer! It is such a delight reading it!

    Happy Sunday, Lois!




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