Saturday, 1 May 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Seeing the sun!

Reading Unhappy Hipsters makes me laugh out loud happy.

It was hard work, artfully arranging each ironic, overpriced accessory. At times, she doubted her dedication to the cause; that’s where the artisanal tequila came into play.

Saturday afternoon and the sound of BBC Radio 5 Live - Sport
(No, I can't stand the sport commentary but it means that Douglas is in the kitchen cooking a lovely dinner and that makes me very happy!)

An empty laundry basket. Never happened but I know it would make me very happy.

Discovering amazing artists, incredible finds and forgotten memories at The Latest Story. Always a very happy surprise!

I know I've posted this before but watching this film which my children made me for my birthday makes me so, so happy.

When our door bell goes and it is our friend and neighbour Kenny with a tray of his delicious pizzas...

When our doorbell goes and it is our friend and neighbour Kenny inviting us to come over and share some of his pumpkin ravioli, truffle lasagne, stuffed courgettes, chickpea bread, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate hearts...this makes us all very happy.

A kir royal.

And being able to buy gorgeous things like this amazing cuff by LaTouchables for myself.

Thank you, Victoria. Your award and kind words have made me very happy indeed!


  1. Having problems posting on blogger today - site issues. Hopefully I can sort out layout, links and video later.

  2. This was a thrilling moment to my day, you can imagine! Thank you--I'm blushing to the roots!

  3. Just saw it, You are welcome! Tomorrow I will be back to really enjoy it, I am off to a party!!!
    Gotta run!!!


  4. I love that you love Kir Royal's! I also love finding out about La Touchables and will have to post about them on my blog soon!

  5. Thanks for the mention and the lovely words Lois!

  6. Just came back for a quiet reading! Love your points and I am with you when I hear or see someone cooking for me....
    Lovely cuff!




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