Friday, 7 May 2010

Coming soon...

Ok, I finished this jacket. I am really pleased with the results but the pattern and construction still need some work.

I created the folds and fastening just above the bust line, added some interfacing to keep the collar standing, kept the sleeves quite tight and cut out a section down the middle of the sleeve into which I inserted a folded detail.

I like where this jacket is heading and although it is a bit on the small size for me, it is still comfortable, flattering and so I am keeping this one! Actually, I've worn it out already on top of my black front drape dress (as shown in photo).

Will rework pattern next week and hopefully have one or something similar in my shop soon.


  1. Beautiful work! I love how the collar stands up and frames the neck, but plunges deep to the breast-bone. The material looks luxurious!

  2. So beautiful, love everything about it!
    Love the folds over the bust and the fitted arms!

    Happy Mother's Day weekend!


  3. The model of the jacket is fabulous, the long drape at the back, really beautiful!
    The arms are very special and look like a lot of work… but the result is worth it Lois.



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