Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Paul Furneaux: printmaker

Beginning on 8th May 2010, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh will be having its RSA 184th Annual Exhibition. The theme for this curated exhibition is 'The Expressive Artist and Social Involvement' and the group of chosen artists will show how
[they] have over the years expressed their involvement with and critique of society directly through the making process of painting, sculpture, print-making and photography.
One of the artists invited to exhibit is Paul Furneaux.

Born in Ellon, Scotland and now based in Edinburgh, Paul spent four years in Japan studying Japanese and woodblock printing: a technique that 'involves printing watercolour onto handmade Japanese paper using a hand held disc called a baren.'

As well as spending time in Japan, numerous awards, residencies and exhibitions have also taken him to Norway, Dublin and Mexico.

Paul is a friend of ours and over the years we have been able to purchase some of his prints and they now adorn our walls and bookshelves.

And these he gave to my children after a printing demonstration at the Wasps Studios opening day. A process which was very beautiful and calming to watch.

Imagine how amazing the print on the right would be as a printed fabric...and then I turned it into a dress!


  1. Lucky you with a friend like that! The prints are gorgeous...and the technique sounds facinating, let alone living in Japan for four years...Yes the purple one looks already like a fabric!

  2. Wonderful prints! What a classic art form!

    Your friend is very talented! Love those shapes and free forms!
    Especially the one he stands in front!
    (He is very handsome too...)


  3. Yes, his work is amazing and if I only had some money I would buy more. He says his new work that will be included in the RSA exhibition is very different so I will post some photos once I get to see it. And, Victoria, I'm afraid he is hiding his good looks under a big bushy beard at the moment!



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