Tuesday, 18 May 2010

rundholz s/s 10

Out of all the beautiful jackets I have, it is my long black Rundholz that I love the most. It is well made, dramatic, stylish and original...just like their website and their new Spring/Summer collection.

Already since nine years the siblings Lenka and Carsten Rundholz design elegant women's apparel. Best described as "cool feminine yet vintage" their fashion is known by insiders as a hidden Champion. Rundholz represents innovative fashion for women who do not feel the pressure to chase after the latest fashion trends. Rundholz designs stand out by their sculptural quality, unconventional cut, whimsical details, unusual materials and unexpected sources of inspiration. The designs are made for women who appreciate creative avant-garde, but also comfortable clothes fit for all situations in life.
- Navabi

If I could, I would have every single piece in my wardrobe

and include the sandals too!

I have the lipstick.


  1. That last picture is me to the core! I don't have the lipstick, but I can afford it! Beautiful clothes...I'm going to go look up this brand...

  2. Yes, the last photo is my favourite too. There are a few online shops selling Rundholz. I think Rundholz may do two ranges - an expensive and a slightly less expensive range. Well worth it!

  3. Wish I had a chance to see those dresses up close! I will have to look into it!

  4. Very nice clothing brand...The long jacket with the envelope neck is my favourite too.

    What I also like is your new skirt in your Etsy shop! A very nice design Lois! You say the skirt has a back zipper but in the picture it looks on the side? And the skirt is not a complete full circle is it?

  5. Thank you Marion, and yes, you are right, the photo does make the zip look like it is on the side. It is a bad photo-it is actually a back view with my jacket hanging over my shoulder- thanks for pointing that out as I need to change that.

    The skirt isn't circular. It was created using folds/pleats. There are side seams but they are hidden as the back slightly folds over the side seams towards the front. The waist band is hidden as a wide facing inside the skirt so giving a nice fitted shape at the waist. I have some black voile so I would like to try creating it with a few layers of softer fabric.



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