Monday, 14 June 2010

And the 4th Year Antwerp Academy Fashion Show

Mariel Manuel "Keep your eye on the doughnut"

Judith Thomas "Kind, Zieh Dich warm an!"

Just a few of the screenshots that I managed to grab from Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen. I urge you to go have a look because the work is incredible...and I now know where I would like to go study!


  1. Very inspirational indeed!
    I went there many times to go to an exhibition on fashion.I also did the fashion walk in Antwerp, which was very interesting. You have to go some time Lois!

  2. Forgot to mention your lovely new tunic in your Etsy shop! (I like the Ikea couch too)

  3. This is spectacular! All these beautiful events pass us by here, where only New York and Paris is ever talked about!
    Beautiful sketches!
    I miss Europe for that reason, among a few others...

  4. PS: Izumi Hongo speaks to me....

  5. Totally inspiring!
    Marion, what is the fashion walk in Antwerp? I want to go!

    Victoria, I too love Izumi Hongo - 1920's feel to it. I will list more of the work over the next week.

  6. A few years ago there was this little book about fashion in Antwerp. I think i got it through the tourist bureau, I am not sure. Antwerp really tries to stimulates the fashion in her city. Anyway... among other things there was a route in the book mapped out through Antwerp along interesting points of fashion, from exhibitions to little boutiques in back streets. I am pretty sure the book was called "Fashion Walk" We really enjoyed ourselves...I just looked but can't find the little book anymore.



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