Tuesday, 8 June 2010

...And Back to Clothes

I am busy at the moment working on a new design.

This dress is inspired by my back tie dress with its low back neckline, waist and hem

and the very flattering cross over detail from a 1950's wiggle dress.

The fabric is a very soft, semi sheer cotton voile which drapes beautifully. I am busy at the moment creating a bias cut slip for underneath which needs to be tight fitting (emergency covering in case the wind gets hold of the lightweight, circular skirt) but loose enough so you feel comfortable and not restricted by it.

This sample dress is too big for me and the photos are not great but I think it gives and idea of what I am trying to do!!

I am also experimenting with different fabrics and different sleeve shapes. Will post results soon.

And, yes, still reworking some old designs too!


  1. I love this extremely elegant, yet playful piece...the drape is beautiful, the dip in the front, the cross-over, the sleeves. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Lovely! Keep bringing us those great designs!


  3. Beautiful lovely dress! The cross over is really special, must be fun to drape...



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