Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Back Inside

Ok, it is still windy today and not so nice so it was back inside to model the new dress.

The dress is short short and has short sleeves, has pockets and is made out of the most gorgeous of the Liberty of London cotton lawns. The pattern looks like little cabbages.

It is short and cute!


  1. This must be the perfect disguise in the garden! Love it!
    Of course I rushed to leave a comment and overlooked that there was an older post.... LOL! Then I looked for your image and thought to myself, she disappeared....

  2. I love it! The drape is beautiful, the cut, perfect, and the model a knock-out!

  3. Well, I though my garden photos would work but they didn't! As you said Victoria, the dress was lost in the lush green background. So, it was back to me.

    Thank you Dawn. I hate having to do the modelling but since I am 'always available'... I need your beautiful niece!

  4. I need her too, but she is busy around the clock...I'm lucky to get her when I can!

  5. Love the fabric and pockets!! Nice!



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