Monday, 14 June 2010

Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show 2010

I forgot my camera the night I went to the ECA Fashion Show so I've had to wait until someone else posted some images. As always, it was a great event with loads of talent on show, particularly from those in the Costume Department. And, yes, we did need 3D glasses for one designer's pieces.


  1. looks great as always, can't wait to see them all up close when the degree shows open!
    emma x

  2. which will be sometime this week! now that i've just checked the dates... ;)

  3. Hi Emma,

    Yes, the degree show opened on Friday night and, yes, the clothes and costumes look even better close up. Have to admit I was quite impressed at the construction and detail of many of the pieces. Well worth a visit! Oh, and the textiles and jewelry also worth a visit! Gorgeous!



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