Sunday, 13 June 2010

Happenings This Week

Catching some of the few summer rays to shine through our bedroom window.

Enjoyed reading Geoff Dyer's article in the Guardian regarding the conditions to be met in his pursuit of the perfect cafe and more importantly, the perfect cup of coffee.

I would never drink my coffee out of a paper cup; the coffee had to be served in a proper china cup
when I said "cup" I meant cup (ie, not a mug).
It had to be the right size cup.

My sentiments exactly.

Listed a new dress with new photos...which look like an Ikea ad!?!

Seeing the sheer joy on my son's face as he enjoyed the first dance of the night with the beautiful Maddi at her 21st birthday ceilidhi

and the walk home after a truly enjoyable evening.

(Actually, we jumped in a taxi two minutes after this photo was taken!)


  1. Wonderful what a little sunshine does! I love those pics of you on the couch...lovely dress, too!

  2. You all know how to enjoy yourselves!!! Wishing you more and more sunshine!
    Love that dress!


  3. Love, love, love the new dress!! Lovely family photos!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. Thank you, again, for all the lovely feedback on the new dress. It is a very simple, easy to wear style - it is the fabric that makes this dress special...and I wish I had more of it! This is the last dress in this fabric.



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