Monday, 28 June 2010

Johanna Gullichsen

When Johanna Gullichsen began her textile business in 1989 it was her in her home studio. Now she has an online shop, a shop in Helsinki and a shop in Paris.

Although most of the fabrics are now produced in factories, Johanna still creates new ideas and patterns by handweaving.

I bought this wallet in Helsinki a few years ago. I really wanted a bag!

Both the fabrics and the products are designed by Johanna.

The ready-made products that I design are defined by the fabric itself; by its material or by its pattern. I also find influences from different cultures interesting and challenging to my work


  1. I love the patterns there so beautiful

  2. That’s quite a carrier she had… can you imagine having two shops in… lets say Amsterdam and Barcelona? Now that would be something, oh well, one can’t have it all…we dream on.
    Lovely wallet Lois and you can still purchase the bag in her new online store!



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