Sunday, 20 June 2010

Jupiter Artland Revisited

Father's Day and unexpected warm, sunny weather meant another trip to Jupiter Artland. As I mentioned in my previous post, some new commissions have been installed.

A Forest by Jim Lambie

This fantastic installation on the Steading Wall by Jim Lambie is made from spray painted chrome which is peeled back to reveal the background colours and beautifully reflects the forest beyond.

Peering through the tiny peepholes created between the roof and the walls of this neglected woodshed, a knitted web was discovered.
Designed for overlooked spaces and otherwise redundant areas in museums and galleries.

Beautiful to see some old favourites and some new in the lush overgrown, flowering forest

and in a Summer, lighter perspective.

A book was purchased from the shop and coffee and cakes were scoffed sitting outside.
Another fine day out!

1 comment :

  1. I can imagine how you all enjoyed this day...
    the parc, the sculptures, the weather...
    The Jim Lambie forrest is wonderful!



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