Friday, 18 June 2010

Medium Raw

...if you are literally serving shit to children, then I've got no problem with a jury of your peers wiring your nuts to a car battery and feeding you the accumulated sweepings of the bottom of a monkey cage. In fact, I'll hold the spoon.
In this way, me and the Peta folks and the vegetarians have something in common.
This is an extract from Anthony Bourdain's new book Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine To The World Of Food And The People Who Cook. If you are already familiar with the chef/author, you will realise how shocking this statement is: Anthony Bourdain hates vegetarians...but,now, not as much as he hates McDonald's. In his quest to protect his daughter from the 'Evil Empire', Bourdain is 'willing to use any means necessary.' Inspired after reading a study which found that children were more likely to eat 'difficult foods', by that I think they mean vegetables, if they are wrapped in bright packages, he plans to reverse this idea by putting unsavoury treats ('sponges soaked in vinegar') in McDonald's wrappers and 'use the strange and terrible powers of the Golden Arches for good, not evil' to convince his young daughter that eating McDonald's tastes bad.

Sharing his sentiments (no, not the one about hating vegetarians or his methods of helping his daughter in her food choices - well, maybe a little), reading this article brought back a forgotten memory. I was very proud of the fact that my children had not only never eaten a McDonald's (they are vegetarians) but that they had never even been inside one or even asked to go to one even when the bright colours of the outside playground beckoned. But we were on holiday, in France, two young children in the back of the car bursting for the toilet and the only place we could find was a McDonald's. I figured that if you were to ever need a reason to go inside a McDonald's then to use their loo was probably the most acceptable. So, in we went. We had a wonderful holiday that year touring the French Languedoc but all my children talked about once they got home was that they had gone to McDonald's! Having stated that 'an early, traumatic Ronald-related experience can only be good...', I believe Mr Bourdain would have handled this oh, so differently!

Edited extract from the Guardian Weekend.


  1. What a great story, Lois!
    The few times I have been in a Mc Donalds it is the awful smell what allways hits me the most...
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Well. I think it is all about taste really. Our kids eat parmesan cheese, salami an sushi, all things that most kids are said not to eat.

    At dinner we usually are forced to "hide" the vegetables to get them to eat anything else but vegetables.

    Our neighbours could not believe their eyes when they were able to say to my daughter (and she listened and obeyed):

    "Honey, please eat this last piece of chicken, and you will get this broccoli afterwards".

    We eat at McDonalds every now and then, mostly when we're out travelling, so it could be like once every second month? But if the kids had a choice they would choose sushi over hamburgers any day...

  3. Kaja, so true! Give kids good, tasty food and they love it.

  4. This makes me laugh. I, too, hate mcdonalds. My first taste was as a young adult. I really can't stand the taste (tasteless), and if I had kids I'd have them eating anything but fast food. Funny, Kaja!

  5. We have very rarely eaten at McDonald and when asked my kids want nothing more then Sushi or Hibachi!
    I can't stand the smell at Burger places and it makes me feel bad to know what goes into this stuff!
    PS: I just decided to eat no more meat and dairy.... after only two weeks I feel amazing!The strangest thing is that I do not crave neither sweets nor meat!
    I try to eat 60% raw, which seems a lot, but with smoothies and juices and soups it has been a wonderful discovery journey so far!
    My husband is very supportive and perhaps will join me to a degree...



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