Saturday, 12 June 2010

Origami Revisited, Surprises and Coincidences

I have to admit, my daughter and I never quite made it to the level of creating a new wardrobe or a fruit bowl in our origami folding frenzy. Still making dogs and penguins!

So it was such a lovely surprise to receive these absolutely amazing origami earrings in the post from Victoria of Art House Design.

Made by Victoria's thirteen year old daughter, one pair of earrings are cranes made out of folded dollar bills with some beads attached. The other pair are made from pink and green patterned paper and look like diamond boxes. They are both lovely and have given my daughter something to work towards: mastering the technique of the origami earrings and getting her ears pierced so she can wear them! Thank you so very much.

And what a coincidence, as I was browsing I came upon this.

Looks like we are not the only ones making dogs...
I think Lois is a lovely name for a dog.


  1. Hey it's Lotte, Victoria's 13 year old daughter :) I'm very happy you enjoy the earrings and I love that I made someone happy :) Love ~ Lotte

  2. I am so glad it made it safely to your door from here!

    Big hug!

  3. Hi Lotte,

    Your work is great and we were wondering when you will be opening your Etsy shop?! Thank you again - my daughter is thrilled to bits x



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