Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Personal is Political

On the 19th June 2010, over 40,000 people will take part in The MoonWalk Edinburgh to raise money and awareness for breast cancer causes.

My sister died from breast cancer at the age of 29. Because of this I am now part of the National Health Services' Genetic Study Programme which means that I am supposed to get screened every year. But not anymore. Concerned that my yearly appointment date had come and gone without having been seen at the breast clinic, I found out that due to an oversubscribed waiting list, which is due to a shortage of staff which is due to funding cuts, as of June 24 2010, there will be no more screening this year. So for many women and men who are deemed 'high risk' it could be, as in my case, two and a half years until their next breast screening appointment.

Each year Walk the Walk brings thousands of people together with the single aim of achieving personal goals and uniting together to raise money for vital breast cancer causes. We don't receive any grants or funds from the government, lottery or anyone else..all our wonderful fundraising is from all the women and men pounding the pavements all over the world.
Walk the Walk
May be time to 'walk the walk' because 'the personal is political.'

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  1. Good luck with the fundraising, hope lots of people will join you and Walk the Walk june 19!
    What a fantastic initiative...



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