Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Tartan Dress - Ceilidh Ready

My instructions were quite clear: smile and don't move!

Ok, up against the wall!

We are off to a Ceilidh on Friday night to celebrate our friend's 21st birthday so I made this little tartan number for my daughter to dance the Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow and the Eightsome Reel in style.


  1. This is fantastic--reminds me of my mom making dresses for me when I was a child--minis and Little Lord Flaunteroy trousers, prairy-girl frocks, the list goes on...I remember so many. I love the plaid in this--it's lovely!

  2. Well...some model! She looks very beautiful in the dress, girlish but still a bit of the Tom boy!
    Hope you all have fun at the party...

  3. You summed her up perfectly, Marion. Dawn, I also remember my mum making all my clothes and knitting me jumpers but I hated them! I liked the fact she could make my clothes but she never managed to make them the way I saw them - hence why I started making my own! And I didn't exactly get what my daughter wanted either. The dress has been unpicked and restyled so many times, I'm amazed it has a shape at all. My daughter also chose the fabric.

  4. This is most adorable.... wish I could dance along!!!
    Perhaps my little parcel will arrive in time...
    Lois, your are a magician with the needle!!!



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