Monday, 26 July 2010

annette gortz

Klare Schnitte und unaufdringliche Non-Colours sind charakteristische Merkmale aller annette gortz Kreationen.


  1. I love her work--and you wouldn't believe it, but I have a jacket in giant brown cord wool, fits like a goddess, I swear I can wear it with everything, and have since I got it ten years ago!

  2. An other site with a combination of good music and fine clothing... Isn't it nice Dawn to have an old piece like that and still wear it all the time?
    Lois do you know the clothing of although I am not a big fan of fashion brands, this is one of my favourites...(the music sucks, sorry...)

  3. Dawn, you are so lucky! I love these clothes! I also love Sarah Pacini. Can you believe it, I found 2 pair of Sarah pacini pants at a thrift store a couple of years ago! Lois, your designs are every bit as beautiful!

  4. I forgot to say that i love seeing an older model who looks fabulous in these clothes!

  5. Giant brown cord...sounds fantastic! Would love to see you in that, Dawn.

    And I thought the model looked great too, Betsy. Her short hair is so striking. And, of course, I love her boots!

    Thanks for the link, Marion. Again, it's the layering - love it.



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