Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bits 'N Pieces

As he [Antony Gormley] prepares to turn 60 in August, the exhibitionist artist has hired a personal trainer (a dancer called Julian) to tune his body for the rigours of making his work. His sculptures, it seems, have started to sag. "They've got fatter, basically – as is the way of bodies. I suppose there's always some vanity involved in these things."

If in Edinburgh during the festivals and looking for some delicious Turkish food, I highly recommend Hanedan Restaurant. Nothing fancy but good tasty food and very nice people.

If in Edinburgh during the festivals try not to laugh at what the doormen/bouncers of the Missoni Hotel are wearing. As much as I love the zig zag patterns and the bright colours, I'm sorry, but a Missoni patterned kilt just looks funny: just looks like a Missoni patterned skirt. Signora Missoni, if you are going to bring some Milan glamour to Edinburgh's Old Town, then please, give us that. Give us the glitz, the sparkle, the Aperitivo with its delicious cocktails and amazing 'free' snacks and doormen in the most beautiful Italian tailored suits. Don't give us a tacky tourist attraction!

Ps I did laugh! So I will have to take another approach next time if I want to get a photograph!

And I took part in a photo shoot for an exhibition that will be shown in Edinburgh starting on 6 August.

The photographer Lindsay Perth is recreating and photographing famous images of assassinations and attempted assassinations but only using women. I was involved in the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. I will be the one on the ground searching for my handbag!


  1. That must have been fun, this photo shoot!
    By the way did you know this photographer has a very nice and interesting blog?

  2. Yes, I finally found it. She has a few different sites under the name lippi photography.

    It was fun, however, I did get rather self conscious. The photographer told us to shout and get into the part which I tried to do but my sudden burst of angry shouting came just a wee bit too late - everyone else had gone quiet! And that's when I was told to lie down and look at the ground - which I was very happy to do!!



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