Saturday, 24 July 2010

Black Ribbon Dress with Slip

I really love this black ribbon embroidered taffeta fabric and this is my last piece.

An easy to wear, versatile dress which is layered on top of a cotton voile slip lined with silk.

So simple...


  1. I love this dress... it is perfect... as I am writing this my husband peeks over my shoulder and says "that is a dress you would look good in", "oh really" I answer back "do you think I should get it?". "Yes I do" he says.
    Now things like this does not happen often in our house. It is the right size, I think it is meant to be mine...

  2. well...looks like you made a is a classy little number.

  3. It's a I am curious if Lotta has bought it--I must go look!

  4. So beautiful! So much fun with those boots!



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