Thursday, 29 July 2010

Homes and Jewellery

Yesterday, sfgirlbybay did a post on 'at home in edinburgh'. The gorgeous flat shown is/was the home of stylist Rosie Brown who runs Papa Stour
In a world of mass produced products, Papa Stour choose to relish in the opposite and embrace art, craftsmanship and design in its purest form.

The pieces we offer are not "off the shelf" objects that can be delivered next day because they are hand made in Scotland, with care.

...and offers the work of jeweller, Grace Girvan, who made my favourite necklace.

Born in Orkney and educated at Edinburgh College of Art, Grace combines objects such as pebbles, driftwood and shell that she finds on the beach with silver and enamel to create her beautiful jewellery.



  1. Wow! That's amazing! One of the most beautiful pieces I've seen!

  2. Kelley, I am so glad you like her work. And I have just found out that her studio is very near my house...

  3. Stunning indeed, your necklace and that gorgeous brooch are something quite special indeed... :)
    emma x



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