Friday, 9 July 2010

It's Friday - Have a Seat!

I have just finished the first week of Summer holidays with my children. We have swam, we have hiked, we have argued, we have laughed, we have argued, we have picked berries, we have made jam. The large glass of red is waiting, I need a seat...

To a great weekend x


  1. I like the chair of Shelly Shelly the best, but I hope for you that you have a more comfortable chair at home... Enjoy your much deserved glass of red wine Lois. (and I hope for you the weather clears up)

  2. Did I miss all that, just because I am in pack stress??? I love you week long journey and I know how you feel needing a seat! All of them are fabulous! Love #2 best!!!
    We are off next week, come around and look, I will try to post on our journey at least ones a week!




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