Thursday, 1 July 2010

Paola McClure's Dolls

Born in Dundee, Scotland, Paola McClure trained as an illustrator and printmaker before returning to her love of "playing with fabric and improvising."

Using wiring or tubing, the skeleton is fixed into the foam body which is then shaved into shape. Then using reclaimed fabrics their flesh features and clothing are fashioned and stitched firmly into place. Like the giant moia of Easter Island, they are totems that bear challenge, seek adoration and offer allure.
- "sisterhood of the book of heart"

Described as 'brash, bright and humourous', I find them adorable!


  1. I can’t say way exactly… but those abstract dolls are absolutely fabulous. The strange thing is, their faces all look sort of sad but they are happy to look at!

  2. Her use of pattern and shapes is wild--and I love that!



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