Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Time to Chat

Yesterday was a beautiful day so we went for a walk and got lost.

So for five hours we walked and chatted about faeries, Harry Potter, surviving life threatening experiences! and discussed...

The Fife Diet - Think Globally, Eat Locally
Started a few years ago by some concerned Fife citizens, the aim is to eat only local food.

Designed by the cyclist Isla Rowntree, with a passion to 'invest in the future of the cycle sport', Isla Bikes specialises in producing quality children's bicycles

Set on the beautiful landscape of the Falkland Estate in the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland, Big Tent is a fantastic weekend of music, arts and family activity mixed with stimulating debates on social and green issues. Wash this all down with incredible food and drink in our One Planet Food Village which celebrated the best in organic food and drink and you have a very special weekend.
...and contrary to what the children may say, that was not the rescue helicopter out looking for us, at no point were we in any real danger - thanks to Georgia's amazing picnic, we had a banquet for a few more meals, and we had fun. Oh, yes we did!

...thank you to the two hikers we stumbled upon enjoying a peaceful break and who kindly pointed out that although they, too, were lost, they knew they were much nearer their car than we were near ours.

...and on any future walks, any mention, discussion or pondering of Charles Jenks and his taming, moulding and controlling of the environment is banned especially when full attention is required to keep to the correct path.

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  1. How fun! Sometimes getting lost is worth all the effort it takes to find the way. What a wonderful experience!



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