Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Touch of Red

A couple of weeks ago I received a convo through my Etsy shop asking me to give my thoughts on the wearing of the colour red for a review of my red wool dress on The Best Red

And, immediately, I thought of Colorgirl's beautiful poem about Pantone No. 192 and her love of that 'little drop of life', red...which is what I particularly love about this incredible red leaf necklace by The Jewelry Story: that little touch of red.


  1. This color red has an oriental feel--a little exotic--and I love it in the necklace and dress!

  2. love red so much! love it both in my home and in my wardrobe ~ both of which don't have nearly enough red at all... !
    love this necklace too... :)
    emma x

  3. Thanks for letting me feature it 13Threads! That necklace is quite nice, it definitely has a "drop of life" feel to it!



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