Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dogs and a Squirrel

Three years ago, the Scotland on Sunday held a competition asking the children of Scotland what they would do if they were the First Minister to make Scotland a better place to live in. Encouraged by our friend (and neighbour), my daughter entered her wonderful book full of inspiring ideas and detailed illustrations and, of course, won. The prize money was a £1000.00!

One of the things that my daughter wanted to do with this money was to help animals, in particular, dogs. So over the years she has sponsored a dog and held raffles and school competitions to help raise money and awareness for Dogs Trust. So this weekend I didn't stay in and read my book, instead we went to the Dogs Trust Open Day.

Dogs Trust was founded in 1891 and their mission is quite simple
to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.
It was heartbreaking to hear their stories but joyous to see these dogs running around enjoying their new life.

There are many shops on Etsy who donate some of their proceeds to help animals and two of them are local to me.

The Doghouse donates to the local greyhound rehoming charity.

Dragon House of Yuen supports BUAV, WSPA, Rabbit & Guinea Pig Welfare, Buckey House Rabbit Society

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  1. What a very good idea to raise attention about stray dogs this way! And what a wonderful story about your daughter winning that competition...
    Amazing all the work she does...



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