Monday, 23 August 2010

Monday Morning

It is pouring in Edinburgh this morning and the light is grey. I am soaked after walking my daughter to school and the wool dress I am wearing is beginning to smell a wee bit like a wet dog. It is not pleasant!
But no more excuses! I have to sew today. I have a fitting to do this morning for a custom design so I need to tidy up. I have a pile of fabric that needs to be sorted into other piles, some patterns that need to be redrawn and resized and folded away, and I've just remembered, I need to pick up my vellum from the art shop but it is pouring outside. I will get wet.

1 comment :

  1. ah, monday mornings in a soggy edinburgh... i too am soaked up to the knees and have that inescapable stench of wet dog lingering in my nostrils... at least i have a dog... ;)
    emma x



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