Saturday, 28 August 2010

New Work

I am happy to say, that despite a slow and distracted start, I did manage to achieve some sewing this week. Finally, I am happy with this jacket pattern and can now offer the design in two different sizes and lengths.

However, I am struggling with the light so getting some good photographs has been difficult. These are the best of a pretty dull bunch!

So as , soon as I get a few I really like, I will be listing this black/white wool longer style jacket in my shop along with this new dress

...once I put sleeves on it!


  1. What a lovely surprise this is...
    These new designs are absolutely fabulous Lois!
    I wondered about what happened to the jacket, glad you didn't give up. I can't wait to see the dress finished; the color is really such a beautiful green. Have a nice weekend !

  2. Thank you, Marion. I do like the style of this jacket and can't wait to try it in different fabrics. This longer jacket is a larger size than the short blue one so it fits and looks slightly different on me. And the dress is a variation on a wool dress that I made myself years ago and live in during the winter. I was wearing it the other day when my client came for a fitting and she loved it. So...The fabric is a heavy linen so perfect for Autumn and Spring!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. ...your attention to detail and the lines of your creations, but also the textures and materials make my mouth water! Beautiful!!!

  4. looks avant-garde to me with a tiny historical touch. Love it!

  5. Looks so good! Can't wait to see the dress as well!
    I guess donauluft captured your style inspirations...

    Big wave and hug!



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